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About a month before we moved to our new place *downtown* (hollaaaaa), I did a really grown up thing. Let me explain. Near our old place sat a winery and, at this winery, individuals could partake in a wine tasting. I partook. Not only was the wine delicious, it was potent. By the end of the thing, I had signed us up for a wine club. What?! Really. I think it might be the single most adult-like moment of my life thus far. A bonafide wine club. Here's how they hooked me: 50% of the profits go to charities. That's it. I'm a sucker for a good cause. The pickup party, in which we'll visit the winery and pick up our CASE of wine, was rescheduled from last Wednesday to this. I'm really excited for a number of reasons, obviously. I have no idea if they ship elsewhere (possibly?) or if you're close enough to swing by and grab a few bottles, but they're doing pretty cool things so maybe you're interested in learning more. As a member of the Peace Possé, we get a case of wine twice a year (I think) from Peace Water Winery in Carmel, IN, though the wines are shipped from Napa (I think). 

#PluckyDrinks: Peace Water Wines

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  1. Next stop: wine tastings in Napa Valley with yours truly.

  2. Replies
    1. I haven't made sangria before! This is probably a perfect time to start, no? :)

  3. It's funny what booze can get you to do, haha. I've never been able to hold it together for a wine tasting.

    I have to say, a wine club is pretty grown up. :) It's awesome that it's going to a good cause, too!

    1. They know what they're doing at that winery, for sure. Can't say I was mad to have a plethora of wine selections for Wine Wednesday, though. :)