Summer Symphony


Wow. Symphony on the Prairie. I can't even. We brought a blanket, a picnic, and a box of wine. We forgot bug spray, but fortunately everyone around us had candles and spray, so we benefited from herd immunity. Harry Potter was a my favorite part, obviously. Even so, sitting outside in the twilight listening to these epic soundtracks, I felt this little fire light inside my belly to do something - well - EPIC. Isn't it the most amazing thing how music speaks to us all at our most basic level? I am still reeling with this inescapable feeling of empowerment and heroism. At intermission, James realized Indiana Jones wasn't on the set list and he may have shed a tear. But never fear! Like all good shows, you save the crowd favorite for the unpublished encore. I can't express fully how incredible, and incredibly fun, this night was. I wouldn't sit in 45 minute, bumper to bumper parking lot traffic for just anything, but I might just do it again for this next summer.

Sarah :: Plucky in Love

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  1. I'm super jealous! I bet this was absolutely amazing! This is definitely on my radar one of these weekends...

    1. Oh, you should totally put it on your list! We had so much fun!!