Scary Stuff

^^THIS IS REAL LIFE. I plan to go out of town for ONE weekend and I get texts of images like this from the farm. I can't even. Like, is Daisy even still alive? Bark twice if you're in Milwaukee. But do you know what scares me even more than this gigantic snake about to eat my dog's face off? The Facebook Share Button. GUYS. Just because it's on Facebook doesn't mean it's true! Research. Research. Research. I have been struggling for a while with all of the polarizing communications I've seen on social media lately - from child vaccinations to race relations, from freedom of speech to organic foods. I get it! We all have opinions and we are proud of those opinions and we will fight to the metaphorical death in a Facebook shouting war to defend those opinions. I don't remember the whole book (but it's certainly worth a read), but in Getting to Yes, they talk about how "winning" an argument or negotiation doesn't mean someone has to "lose" on the other end. AKA. In most situation, we get so entrenched in defending our point of view that we lose site of what it is we actually want and then refuse to cooperate or acknowledge anything outside of that view point. It's goofy and ineffective and, frankly, immature. Conflict is, in my opinion, a great part of communication. If everyone agreed all the time, we'd never get anywhere or learn anything. But creating entire back-end rationals for how someone could possibly believe differently than you and, as an added insult, actually wants to take something away from you is petty and ridiculous and not grounded in fact. I'm going out of town this weekend, and I know this is sort of just skimming the surface of a very deep pool, but I'm so frustrated and disheartened and I'm just going to leave this here for any takers until I get back on Sunday. Peace out. 

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  1. First of all, that picture is absolutely horrifying. Who bravely even took that picture? Second, I completely agree about the Facebook word wars. I seriously have unfriended a few people who I found to be particularly obnoxious. As you said, opinions are wonderful. Uninformed, loud, and unwilling to listen opinions are not.