on that bourbon trail

Raise your hand if you love bourbon. happy-person-raising-one-hand

In two short weeks, my best girls and I are headed to a lakeside cabin in the hills of Kentucky to layout, gripe about boys, stop washing our hair, and drink all the bourbons. Kentucky IS the home of, and ONLY place they make bonafide, bourbon, you know. And I sort of love it and I love these ladies and it's going to be a blast. Still haven't decided if I'm going to request all attendees bring a sundress so we can have a bff photoshoot in them-there hills. Who am I kidding? It's totally going to happen. Now, I'd like to request a copy of your favorite bourbon cocktail, please and thank you. We leave next Friday.

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  1. I don't drink, so my bourbon skills are at zero, BUT I still wanted to tell you how amazing your blog looks! Love it, friend!

    1. Thank you, sweet lady! I'm having a blast with it already! :D