I confess that we're not great at making picture faces.

I confess that I keep getting emails from travel sites asking if I want to book a hotel in the next town over and I can't figure out why on earth they think I'd pay to stay there.

I confess that I had a good laugh at my intentions of actually sticking to a workout plan earlier this week.

I confess that I'm still geeking out over being tweeted at from the Official BONES Twitter.  

I confess that I've been missing Melissa!

I confess that I have first world problems and I'm currently using a janky (?) old (???)  iPhone 5 and I cry a little because it's not my favorite.

I confess that I'm super not shocked about Blake and Miranda. I mean, I'm sad for sure, but not shocked. Those are two pistols right there.

I confess that the version of Hercules starring the Rock as Herc and that Nicole-Kidman-looking chick with the archery equipment wasn't half bad.

I confess that I'm still using a paper-and-pencil agenda system, harkening those old school days, and this one makes me really happy.

Sarah :: Plucky in Love

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  1. I confess that I am jealous that you managed to get tweeted by the official Bones Twitter!

  2. I confess that I want to take your hair and put it on top of my head.

    1. Well, thanks! I've never been so happy to hear someone is considering scalping me. ;)

  3. Your hair is on point. Seriously, may I have it?

    1. Oh, you know this Indiana humidity. It looked nice for 45 seconds after I stepped outside and then it 'fro'd out. haha Thanks!