Celebrating Sisterhood

With National Sisters Day quickly approaching, my little sister has been much on my mind. She's starting her senior year of high school, you know. She knows how to pull up her own hair into a sidebraid now, which is an important life skill. And she's got great taste in TV (PLL marathon anyone??). It's sort of REALLY strange to be a decade older than your sibling, but I think I'm finally starting to catch onto what so many others have had for years - my sisters drives me nuts but I kind of like her. I'm sure I'll get pretty sappy at some point with her graduation and such, but for now I'm just coming to terms with this mostly grown up person who doesn't need me to hold her hand or wipe her nose anymore. Weird.

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  1. Awww. My baby sister just bought a house. Who is the older one?! Gotta catch up. Happy sister's day to you. :) XO - Alexandra

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