Back to School? I thought you said "Moscow Mule."

Have you noticed that back-to-school never really goes away? Here I am, 3 years post-grad school and I'm still feeling an itch to rummage through the backpack selection, purchase fresh notebooks to fill with doodles and notes and, of course, update my writing utensil collection. Though I'm not going back to school, I live with a teacher, my littlest sister is starting her senior year, and I work for an after school organization. Back to school is everywhere! As such, a few reasons why it's still a good idea to celebrate back-to-school time:

-The cutest clothes go on sale. Hello, new back-to-school wardrobe! #AllTheTshirtsPlease

- Square pizza is the bomb and I'd still eat it.

- The latest pen technologies propel note-taking to the next level! Have you seen those pens that have sticky notes built in and, oh yeah, the other end of the pen is a highlighter?! Da coolest.

- We're always in need of a good recess sesh. Anybody up for tetherball after lunch?

- Two words: Reading Lists. AmIRight??

- Getting up early suckkkkkks but it is good for you, your productivity, and your health. Set that alarm clock, snookums.

- Last but not least - school pictures! At no point in adulthood thus far has any entity or individual been as obsessed with documenting my growth spurts and fluctuating weight as when I was in school. I'm such a fan of back-to-school pictures, I had James install a classic background on our whole wall!

Last night, BONESonFox called me a squint (eep!!) and I believe this post might prove it.
Back-2-School excitement 4 life.

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