Uptown Grump You Up

You may not know that, as a youngster, my Nana often called me Sarah-bear. Mostly because it rhymed, I think. But as an adult, that nomer comes back to me in times of frustration and general grumpiness. I'm not sure if it's the cutting back on caffeine or the way my pants are fitting real, real, real tight or that this dumb printer at work refuses to print despite all of my cajoling and magic-wand-waving. WHATEVER. I'M GRUMPY, OKAY?!

Here are a couple things that might turn this day around, at least for you. 

Ugh. It's physically hurting to find these fun, funny, inspiring links so PEACE.

Sarah :: Plucky in Love

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  1. The grey stuff. I've always wondered what the grey stuff was...Here's to better days ahead!

  2. Since I happened upon the poet Mary Oliver, I try to look at life through the lens of awe and wonder - so basically as a 4 year old. In a world of chaos, I want to see peace and hope and beauty and restoration. Cold Tangerines looks like just the perfect book!!