Maybe it's PMS or moving anxiety or my birthday quickly approaching, but I've spent the last couple of weeks focusing SO VERY MUCH on ME - my mood, my thoughts, my concerns, my attitude, my guilt, my blah blah blah. Once a while, something like this stops me in my tracks. So many concerns in this world are worthy of those gut-gnawing feelings I generally reserve only for my own, and when I choose to step back and recognize how stinking good I have it, it becomes very difficult to wine about my problems. If this were a beauty pageant, I'd wish for world peace (obvi), for healthy babies, for equal wages, for civil liberties for all people, for plenty of nutritional foods to feed families, for prenatal care, for SO MANY THINGS and I can't help but believe that all of those things (and more!) come about through education. Better educations that are available to more people create generations of bright, schooled minds who can think critically, invent, study, and discover solutions to any problems this world is facing.  But don't take my word for it...

We need education! I don't have kids, and my dog could certainly use more puppy classes, so I might have a weird perspective but I will support, speak up about, accept a small salary at my job for, nag my siblings incessantly about the importance of attaining an education. Definitely changing my tune ASAP to reflect more School House Rocky, a chip off the block.

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