Little Moments

Last week was the kickoff of a rawther exciting month of my life. We hosted our giant annual fundraiser and it was phenomenal. I've been so consumed by it, I'm sorry if I missed out on anything last week! This weekend is that half marathon I've been going on and on about. Holy smokes! I'm within $30 of my goal. THANK YOU so much. I can't wait for race day! Also next weekend is LC's bachelorette party which is going to be a blast. And then cyber book club on Sunday. The Opposite of Loneliness is messing with me, in a good way. I can't wait to discuss it with everyone! The very next weekend LESLIE GETS MARRIED. Whoa. As quickly as it crept up on me, I can only imagine all the excitement swirling around inside of her right now!! Then we get a bit of a breather in the first weeks of May before the guy, the dog, the cat, and I pack up the truck and move downtown. Oh my. We're getting reallllll urban. We've already started sorting things and dropped off a giant load of goodies at Goodwill. Time to streamline and simplify. It's a work in progress. If you happen to be a brain surgeon or a mother of 3 or a drummer in a rock band, this might all sound like a light schedule. If you're like me, however, we're really ramping things up and I'm coping in the following ways:

{::} Embracing the Little Moments
Several times in the last week or so, I've caught myself in the middle of a moment - making tacos in our tiny kitchen with James or snuggling up to watch a movie and Daisy curls into my side and sighs or Ralph seeking me out in the morning and purring until I wake up to pet his little face and tummy. Somehow, looking for these moments, I'm finding there are more of them than I realized. And they're happy moments that make me really glad my life is my life. Who doesn't love that?

{::} Acknowledging my Limits (& Accomplishments)
Unintentionally, I joined a wine club last weekend. This, of course, occurred after several glasses of wine and I woke up with a raging headache Sunday morning. On mornings when I wake up in this hungover state, I tend to berate myself for not acting responsibly or being a good grown-up. However, with headache and giant sunglasses in tow, I ran all of my errands, found shoes for the aforementioned wedding, dropped off all of those donations at Goodwill, and somehow managed to find time to write this blog. It's very strange, acknowledging that I played hard, and will continue to, and that doesn't somehow negate all the things I accomplished. It's easy and simple and logical, but somehow spelling it out is helping my brain and making me feel better.

{::} Admitting to myself that I'm not half bad
I am SO bad at fitness routines and eating healthy and giving up beer on week nights and reading all of the books I want to read and remembering to wash my face every night and .... the list goes on. I really enjoy the Sunday Sweats posts I see in blogland because it causes me to catalog my own efforts from the previous week and, lately, I've been doing okay. A couple of days of yoga and a long walk or two, throw in some free weights and squats in the bedroom before Lights Out --- it all adds up! Not actually being that bad at it is a cool thing I like admitting to myself now.

As I said, not rocket science, but being cognizant of these little acknowledgements is making this chaotic time quite a bit more enjoyable. I hope it continues, but if not -- there's always chocolate, right? :)

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  1. Moving downtown?! Yay! I absolutely love living down here because I walk EVERYWHERE. Also, the people-watching is unbeatable.

  2. You're rad. So many life changes! I love it and I love that you're still finding time to update us. xo

  3. Yay for taking time for all the little moments, friend! I think acknowledging the big things, but also recognizing all the little things that are happening are so important :) xo

  4. I love this! Woot for gradual adulthood. I'm totally there too. There isn't actually enough time in two days to what I want to fit into one... so I am always struggling with keeping a balance. It all hit me hard this month. Can't wait to say Good Riddance to April. Seriously. But I am happy with the little bits of progress. Drinking lots less soda. Working on some freelance. Pulling things together at the last minute... even when I shouldn't have had to. All while not crying. Those are baby steps that I'm pretty proud of this month. (if that tells you what kind of month I am having...) Making meals for an entire week, that was a big one! Anyway, embrace the little stuff. It makes me feel better too. And holy cow, it sounds like you have it SO together! I can barely blog when I have a headache.... : / XO -Alexandra

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