Big Sister Problems

Maybe you are a big sister, or maybe you have one, but anyone can you tell you it's a BIG job. And if you’re the biggest sister with a slew of younger brothers and sisters, you know this better than anybody. Being a BIG SISTER is a heck of a responsibility. That’s how I’m feeling right about now. As the oldest, you grow up being responsible for your siblings’ mishaps as well as having a hand in their successes. They ask you things they’re afraid or embarrassed to ask real grown-ups and they wholeheartedly believe you’ll have the right answers. They snub you when you’re too old or uncool for their friends or their music, but then come back in quiet moments and share all their treasures and secrets with you. As the big sister, you’re not really another kid but you're not really a grown-up either – you’re this strange combination of protector / guru / cautionary tale / listening ear / drill sergeant. It’s even weirder when you all start getting older and taller and have issues bigger than stealing each other's hoodies or hogging the computer. That’s when your role as BIG sister really takes its form. You now hold the answers to FAFSA questions and job searching and SAT preparation. You’re a bonafide adult now, and your siblings expect a little something to show for it since they taught you all about handling responsibility and being a team player. And you want greatness for them SO BADLY. You see their smarts and their hearts and their futures so bright they could burst, and you put on your BIG girl pants and step right in the middle of it. Because you’re a big sister, and that's what big sisters do. It’s a BIG job, but you’ve been preparing for it all along. Now, little ones, GO GET ‘EM.

Sarah :: Plucky in Love

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  1. This is so sweet! I'm a big sister with a little sister and brother and I absolutely love it. I'll admit, though, sometimes I feel like they're older than me! :)

  2. Beautiful, friend. You're a wonderful big sister.

  3. Love this! I'm a big sister and seeing my brothers succeed at life in general makes me so incredibly happy. My middle brother just got into Duke Law School (and accepted!) and I swear I celebrated harder than anyone I know. Haha.