April Book Club Update

Good afternoon, all! Hope your week is treating you well. I'm currently in a bit of a tiff with Race Staff who aren't wanting to let me check-in after the expo ends. Which means there's a chance I don't get to do the half marathon. Which means I'm a little grumpy. But whatever. It'll all work out. In the meantime, BOOK CLUB. Holy smokes. That first fiction story was a doozy, right? I canNOT wait to discuss The Opposite of Loneliness with you fine people! So, who's coming?! RSVP in the comments below so we know who to put on the guest list. After all, the bouncers here take their jobs very seriously. :) Watch your inbox for an email with links and a reminder! 

New to this cyber book club and want details? More here.

Sarah :: Plucky in Love

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  1. WHAT? Tell me about your race troubles. After all the work you've put in, you have to have that feeling of crossing that finish line! Also, I'm joining book club next month for realsies.

  2. I'll be there online WITH JESSI IN PERSON!!!!

  3. As soon as studying stops taking over my life, I'm joining book club! I hope all the race issues get worked out, friend.