Training for Tuesday

Hiiii. I'll have to confess that I feel like a bit of an impostor joining this linkup this month, but what the hey. I was invited and I need the motivation. As you probably know, I'm "training" for a half-marathon that takes place in, ohhhh, 25 days.

My longest run was 7 miles, and that was about a month ago. It was on the treadmill and something inside me died a little. Until that run, I was pretty much on top of the training schedule. But it was freezing outside and the thought of spending one. more. mile. on that treadmill was miserable and it just didn't happen. For like, 3 weeks. And then the weather started to warm up and I started taking walks with my dog and that's basically where I'm at with my "training."

I have a million excuses about why I hate running (and why this will be my one and only half marathon), not the least of which involve enormous, bone-wrenching growth spurts as a kid that have resulted in half-functional joints and vertebrae as a 20-something adult. I'll probably eat these words, but if I should have the chance to put my growing kid in year-round, competitive sports, that'll be a big HELL NO. Especially if she's growing a foot a year. Those bones and tendons and ligaments need some time to figure out their purpose before they're completely pushed to the max.

However, I can't go back and change it so I've tried to work with my body to keep it capable. This should include a much more intensive stretching routine, a bazillion times more core and overall strength training, and some non-jarring cardio like a bike or swimming. Help me make it through this half marathon, which I now feel comfortable telling you, at a 15 minute mile pace. I don't want my body to die.

But then, maybe in May? We can chat about some yoga and/or pilates, some alternate forms of cardio, and some intentional core building that supports your frame the way a healthy lower back wouldn't need it to.

Is this still considered a post about training?


UPDATE: THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROUS SUPPORT OF ST JUDE THROUGH THIS HALF. I've heard from many of you that you'd still love to donate and which states do I have left? My map is woefully behind the times, but you can find it here. If you've claimed a state that I haven't marked yet, please let me know so I can get that puppy up-to-date. :) Thanks a mil!

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  1. Oh I so hear you on the dreadmill. (See what I did there?) I think 3 miles is my max on it. I began running in the dead of a northeastern winter, so the cold doesn't much bother me. But sometimes the treadmill is necessary, and that's the worst :(

    Anyway, you still have plenty of time to get in race shape for your half. Promise! I don't know what training plan you're following, but as long as you get one good 10-miler in there (sounds scary I know!) (and you totally have the time to do it!) you're in good shape to run the race.

    Oh and I would LOVE to chat with you about yoga whenever you're ready :) thanks so much for linking up! No worries about the linkup "rules"—you're good :)

  2. You totally got this!!!

    25 can do 2 or 3 runs a week with 1 of those runs as a long run and be ready to rock that half!!!

    Check out Hal Higdon's trainings-they are totally doable and manageable.

  3. Mah, 7 miles on the treadmill sounds like death. HAha, not helping you feel motivated am I? I think your goal pace is right if it's right for you and what you feel capable of doing. I know you'll blow that out of the water, but what matters is that you signed up and you're trying. yes, this post is certainly still about training. Maybe you try to audio-book our next book option and you can only listen while running?! #goals.

  4. haha i love this post. i am so over the treadmill, i feel your pain.
    you still have plenty of time, and you'll do fine regardless! but if you hate running... you should stop! life is too short to do things you hate!

  5. ughh your story sounds similar to mine. a friend of mine asked me to do a marathon with her (neither of us were runners) and it was in the beginning of spring which meant training through the winter. Cleveland has rough wet winters so I was on a treadmill for hours and just hate every second of it. my friend dropped out of training due to shin splints and I decided to keep trying until one day at the gym I watched so many people come and go from their workouts and I just asked myself why am I doing this? I hate running. and I turned off the treadmill and never went back. I'd rather bike or swim any day of the week! running is so tempting cause its easily accessible and more or less free but this is the one time when the old saying "if its free its for me" definitely does not apply. anyway, sorry for the rambling, hope you find something you love!

  6. You are certainly NOT an impostor! This is a no-judgment linkup and we are happy to have you! :)
    Training for your first half is rough, no doubt about it. I am a huge believer in the power of cross-training so anything else you feel like you can do other than running? Go for it. Of course nothing is going to replace running training, but biking or swimming (or both!) will certainly help you get across the finish line a little easier. I hope you make the best of the next 25 days and that you feel confident to come race day!

  7. Ugh, 7 miles on the treadmill, I would give you an award for that. I hate running on that thing, but here where the sun wants to bury you by 7 am, I take what I can get. You're definitely not an imposter in this linky, girl!