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Let's just pretend for a second that I didn't start as Center in THREE national basketball tournaments and that I haven't always loved live sporting events of any type.... even soccer. C'mon. Soccer? Why you so boringgg? Anyway, right now I'm being a super cool girlfriend because I filled out a bracket. I know there are tons of women who just love  to watch college basketball on TV. *cough* B.S. *cough* But I am not one of them. I like participating in sports a lot. Being freakishly tall and slightly coordinated, I do okay at them and I like that. But watching sports on TV? Gag me. Ahem. However, in an effort to up my cool cred, I've filled out a bracket and I fully intend to kick all of the ass that can be kicked in this competition. The end.

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  1. I like that you went against UK here. Ballsy move and I respect it.

  2. Ha this is hilarious. I had a newish friend invite me to watch the game at a theater with her... and i've been wanting to hang out with her so much... but I was like I'm already busy... maybe we can do something sometime soon... btw I don't really like sports... : / (but not in those words haha). Good luck with your bracket. :) XO -Aleandra

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  3. I only watch football on TV. Mainly so I can yell at the TV without anyone blaming me for the yelling part. Haha. Also? I just found your blog and the minute I read "Oy with the poodles already" you became my best friend. I'm currently binging GG at this very moment.