#PluckyRants: Rules are made to be broken.

Hiiiii. This post makes me nervous, but also feel very passionate, so here goes nothing. 

Can I just rant about a pet peeve of mine lately? Yes? Awesome. I'm seeing a ton of discussion in blogland...about blogging. "How to take photos with even whiter backgrounds." "Tips to gain more followers on your blog." "The olden days of blogging and why writing about your thoughts and feelings is so passé." Don't get me wrong, if you're looking for that sort of information, it's out there. And I'm not implying it's bad information. But, as a blogger and blog follower, I'm just not feeling it. I don't blog to gain followers or monetize or take the best outfit photos. I'm not here in this little space of the internet to follow a set of blog rules that changes practically every day. I'm here to write blogs, and read them.

I LIKE BLOGGING. That's it. That's why I blog. Sometimes, I have more followers and sometimes I have less. Sometimes I finagle a DSLR photo for a post, but most of the time you get an automated gif that Google+ put together from the 1,001 photos I took of my dog blinking cutely on my bed. Perhaps I'm way off mark here, but even if I am... that's okay!

Having a voice is a thing that women simply could not do for, like, 2 billion years, and now I have one in my own little space and it's mine and I can say or share or explain or photograph whatever I want. And if YOU like it, and comment, and want to be my cyber friend as a result -- GREAT. If not, well then, that sucks but it happens. As the great kahuna says, "Live and let live." And if you get that reference, I'll send you ten dollars and you can be my maid of honor some day...or at least buy me a jello shot at the after party.

Also, if I read a blog post of "30 million blog topics for when you're bored and uninspired," I'm just gonna go ahead and assume any post resulting from it will be, well, boring and uninspired. I want to know about YOU. I want to hear how you're doing, what's happening, show me your humor and your wit. That's my favorite! And if you're not inspired to write for a day, a week, a year -- that's okay! At least, it's okay in my rules of blogging, which include writing when you are feeling inspired to write something - whatever that may be.

Please, for the love of puppies, stop telling me how to blog. I think I do an okay job most of the time occasionally and I actually really like it. A time or two, in the past few years, I've attempted a blogging schedule or to streamline my topics into a niche or to comment on, like, 100 blogs a day, but that becomes a chore and it starts to suck and it's not fun. If there's a "right way" to blog, doesn't that imply there's also a "wrong way?" Woof. I LIKE BLOGGING. That's the only thing that makes me want to keep doing it, so please stop telling me I'm doing it wrong, okay? It hurts my feelings and, clearly, raises my blood pressure. That's all. /end rant

DISCLAIMER: I love the community of bloggers that I see and follow and share with. I love that bloggers are recognized in their niche and give each other awards and guest spots. I like workout tips and recipes and incredible photos. I like ALL of it. I just love the heart and soul posts, or the post detailing a hilarious encounter that no one else can share because it's wholly yours, or the times I am so connected to what you're thinking or feeling or struggling with... I love personality and pizzazz and passion. That's all. :)

Sarah :: Plucky in Love

Sarah, aka "Plucky", blogs on the reg, unless she's on vacation or there's a Pretty Little Liars marathon or she's mulling over the implications of the phrase "on fleek." She can't live without iced coffee, a portable phone charger, or equal pay. Say hello!


  1. WELL THIS IS RANTASTIC! :) I don't know the reference but Jello shots anyway please?

  2. Preach! I wholeheartedly agree :)

  3. Yes. Yes yes and yes. Thank you for putting my feelings about that silly nonsense into a post. And it sure shows when a blogger is blogging just to fill up five days a week instead of blogging because they feel moved to share something.

    I like you.

  4. Yes, girl. YES. I've said variations of this several times on my blog, but it's so true. Sometimes, I find myself wondering why I don't have more comments or readers or why I'm not invited to blog events or sent things to try out and write about...and then I remember that's not why I started doing this. I started my blog to get out my thoughts, feelings, etc. and record the memories I don't want to forget. And that's what it has stayed. Sorry I'm not sorry, blogosphere...and I certainly can't hang with the post Monday through Friday thing.

  5. Amen, sista! This is why I love YOUR blog! xoxo

  6. I agree. I love reading about people and their lives. Even if I love their tutorials and other things, I find myself wondering.... but who are they?? What's their life about? Been absent from blog world... but I'm playing catch up. :) XO -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  7. I just found your blog and I have got to say that I love it already! You do you girl and I 100% agree with you! I love authentic writing and if you are just writing to stick to a schedule...that's not authentic! Thanks for sharing! :)