I confess...

I consumed no less than three Endless Apps at TGIFridays last night - BBQ wings, loaded baked potato skins, and pot stickers. I regret nothing.

I did not run several miles last night in preparation of that race coming up in ONE MONTH. In fact, I ran no miles yesterday at all.

We are dog-sitting this week and having a second dog around the place kindaaaa makes me want another one.

In May, I'm moving into a studio apartment for the first time in my life. I'm terrified. Can you say, "Decorative Storage Options?"

I actually hate the Calibri font. I have an adverse physical reaction to a font. It's weird. Arial is my jam.

I am most of the way through Eleanor & Park, and since we're confessing I'll go ahead and share - I could easily have consumed this novel in one sitting, but I don't want it to end!! Hence, I've been dragging it out. See you Sunday?!

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  1. You and your puppy gif is the cutest. IF you got another puppy what would be your breed of choice??

    See you Sunday for book club!

  2. Ahhh...the joys (and terrors) of studio apartment living. I used to live in a studio in downtown Indy and when my boyfriend started staying over, I decided to move into his one-bedroom. Never going back, although I dearly LOVED my little place. Another thing about studio living? Probably not conducive to another dog. :( Ho hum.

  3. I moved from a two-bedroom apartment (that I furnished the entirety of except for my roommate's bedroom) into a studio last year and I couldn't be happier. It can be done! I have a post in drafts about this, maybe I'll work on getting that up asap hah. Tip #1: Toss before you buy storage. Be merciless. You need a lot less stuff than you think. Tip #2: Decorate with things you would normally store away! Good luck!

  4. BAAHHHH I;m so excited for book club this weekend :D :D :D

    also, you need to let me know how studio living is. i'm contemplating it.

  5. When my systems architect asked for a font other than Times New Roman "because the other fonts are smaller and can save space," I wanted to punch him in the face. So now, we are using Calibri and I want to punch puppies because it's the default and I'm better than the default. I also made a point to 'save space' as he requested by using Courier New for the scripts/coding that have to be included. I've yet to see these space savings that he was referring to.. but he's right of course... /eyeroll.

  6. LOVEEEDDD Eleanor & Park. Just enjoy every last second...for you & for me, okay?! Thanks for the apps visual - now I really feel the need to walk over to TGIFridays for one of everything.

  7. can you say IKEA? -the best small space (and small budget!) solution. :) Good luck to 'ya. And also, room screens.... hide the messy when you have your peeps over. ugh dogs are so fun... and nowwww I want #allthejunkfood


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