...I listened to this song on the way to work yesterday and cried because I had an existential moment of being really proud of where I came from but also not so proud of where I came from.

...I had great intentions of giving a homemade crocheted afghan as a wedding gift last April and I'm finally getting around to finishing it. Happy Anniversary Present?

...I'm running a half marathon in, ohhhhh, 6 weeks or so, and I haven't been on a run in a week and a half. #BadNewsBears

...One of my besties shared this pin with me a few days ago. She gets me. Also, tick tock tick tock. ;)

...I got so wastey-face this past weekend that I spent an entire 24 hours in bed recovering. And the bar bill was astronomical. Where did you go, youth?

...Subliminally, I thought purchasing cute workout clothes would make me more excited to go to the gym, but did you know that cute workout clothes make really cute pajamas? Oh wait... That's not really a confession. #LifeHack

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  1. 24 hours of wastey-face, I am impressed!

  2. I believe Emily Post says you have a year to send a wedding gift, so you're doing just fine ;)

  3. Hey! You're allowed to give your wedding gift up to one year late and I think a handmade gift trumps all the other ones, anyway! ...and yeah, we're getting old.