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Last weekend, I went back to college. Kind of. In case you're wondering, No. You didn't imagine it. Everything WAS that much more fun in college. Need evidence? Consider the following:

1. Walmart was fun. For real. Especially when it was after 11pm and there was no place an under-21 kiddo could hang out except for Walmart, that is. Seriously, tooling around the sale racks and scouring $5 movies is still a blast. 

2. Food didn't actually taste better but there was SO much of it. Chinese food for dinner, pizza for lunch, muffins for breakfast, barbecue-chicken baked potato for a different lunch. Food, albeit crappy, was everywhere.

3. College students are really that much better at making friends. Maybe because it's an immersion thing? But those kids were all chatty and happy and open to new friends and, in particular, the girls manning the coffee and hot chocolate station were swapping details on some very fun weekends they'd partaken in. Not a care in world for who might be listening. Zero flips were given.

4. There's free stuff everywhere! Free snacks. Free clothes. Free folders. Free pens. Free EVERYTHING. Why does that ever stop?

5. You walked everywhere and you're butt looked real good in those yoga pants. I mean, were yoga pants a thing when we were in college? I don't remember, but either way. All that traipsing about from class to dorm to cafeteria to library to friend's dorm to other friend's dorm. Those were the days. 

Those Twilight vampires have the wrong idea if you ask me. Immortally 18? I'd skip the awkward high school years and head straight to undergrad for eternity. Take me backkkkk.

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  1. I would do college forever if I had the choice. Mostly for the free stuff and the yoga pants.

  2. Amen across the board. I am, however, weirdly happy about the limited food options these days. I don't need that abundance of food now that I'm not walking to class anymore. Ha! Seriously though, I love free stuff more than I love some members of my extended family.

  3. this is so so true. I miss walking and having easy access to friends 24/7... oh those college days. Not to mention knowing what your goals are.. ;) XO -Alexandra

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