Back to School, Back to School

Ooooo, the warmer weather. I love it so. It tickles my adventure bone to the max. Is that a weird visual? Apologies. Thank you SO much for your kind thoughts and encouraging comments on my bloggy rant last week. That was nerve-wracking. In completely unrelated gut-wrenching news, my baby sister is a JUNIOR in high school this year. As in, we can share clothes now. As in, I tucked her into bed when she was two and I was thirteen. As in, we're going on a COLLEGE WEEKEND! We're roadtripping around the state this weekend to explore several options for her not-so-distant future. We're starting at my alma mater, of course. The last time she and I were on campus together, I was a college senior and she was.... 10 years old. Wowzer. I booked our hotels last night and I'm just beyond excited to (1) spend this weekend with just the two of us, (2) feel like an old hag on college campuses with students enrolled that are a decade too young for my crusty, old blood, and (3) relive those exciting, magical, holy schnikey's days of being college bound. #TheGoodOldDays

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  1. Oooohh! This makes me desperately wish I had a younger sibling, cousin, neighbor, etc. to take on college visits. There is something so exciting and refreshing about college campuses, even ones you've never seen before.

  2. That's super adorable and fun! :) I got to spend lots of time with my sisters this weekend... it was so brilliantly needed. Especially since I was getting a little bitter as they were both on awesome spring break trips... and I was .... not. :) hehe XO -Alexandra

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