An Update

Greetings from the Heart of the Hoosier state, where it's still absolutely freezing. If I spend one more weekend cooped up inside looking at our apartment walls, I'll probably need to be institutionalized. Think "The Yellow Wallpaper" here, people. This winter has been the worst. Not only has it been below freezing ZERO for 3 months, we've had a fraction of the snow we got last year. So it's not even pretty. It's just cold and abso-frigging-lutely miserable. Someone send some sunny thoughts my way, will ya?

Sarah :: Plucky in Love

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  1. Sending you all of the sunnies, palm trees and wildflowers!

  2. +5000 for referencing TYP. I love that short story. If it makes you feel better, NJ looks and feels miserable now too. Spring WILL get here sometime...

  3. AMEN all around. I'm sick of being inside, so I've been forcing myself outside...even if it's just for a little bit. I walked the entire canal today and nearly froze in the arctic wind, but it was worth it to get that Vitamin D for a change. Cute snowman, by the way.