We'll just call her Snicker-Doodle...

So it's true, dogs really do start to look like their owners! Also, what a perfect pose by the little ham, right? Gah, she's the best. When she isn't eating and then upchucking aluminum foil, that is. Hmm. Weekend things. I ran 6 miles. All at once. My toes and hips are still sore, and also some weird muscle in my right lower back seems to think it has a lot to do with running because it won't stop paining me. During the Super Bowl last night, I carried on a ceaseless diatribe about cheaters, deflated balls, and unnecessary roughness. I'll leave up to you to decide who I was rooting for. But the commercials, amIright?! Holy cow. It was a like a 3 hour long lesson in morality and goodwill towards men. Don't get me wrong, I love a good CC (commercial cry) but I don't think a single commercial break passed without at least one tear welling up. Because I'm very traditional, I did NOT watch the commercials early. Who does that?! So when the one about being a good dad came on (#AllOfThem) and the daughter left for the army? I was a big blubbering mess. Here's hoping no one *cough James cough* caught that on camera. Did you miss it?

Happy Monday. Here's hoping my brain works better this week!

UPDATE:  I have heard from multiple cyber book club-ers that Where'd You Go, Bernadette is the shiz. I have to say I'm rawther enjoying it myself. Can't wait to discuss and such with everyone on February 22nd!

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  1. oh man. that one got me too! military commercials always get me though...

  2. There were three commercials that got my waterworks going -- the Budweiser commercial, the army commercial, and the daddy commercial. I am so bummed about the Seahawks losing, but it was a great game -- intense for sure. I just picked up Where'd You Go Bernadette and cannot wait to start reading it :D

  3. hehe you and Daisy. I love it. Just like the beginning of 101 Dalmations. :) XO -Alexandra

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