Today, I feel old.

Today I feel old and I'm sure it only gets worse. Something or other tripped a memory and sent me on a trip down memory lane. Oh, Facebook. Like, that time I dyed my hair red. And that time I went to Europe. And that time we went dumpster diving for awkward bookshelf thingies. And that time I moved to a new city all by myself and promptly purchased a teddy bear hamster so I wouldn't be alone in my apartment. And that first time I forgot to bring lunch to work and I was practically a toddler so I didn't think to order Jimmy Johns or drive to a deli, but just cried instead until coworkers shared their potatoes and yogurts with me. That time I went ice skating for my birthday (23), and then that other time I played laser tag in a haunted house for my birthday (24). That time in grad school, with only a few weeks til graduation, that I just walked out of class and came back 20 minutes later with a giant Panda Express fountain soda. I've now lived in several northside neighborhoods in the city. I've been here long enough that my friend group has fluctuated, rotated, and flowed quite noticeably. This city, these places - at times, I can't WAIT to try some place new. But then I look back at those photos and (ignoring my super skinny 22-year-old thighs, of course) can't imagine living anywhere else. 

Sarah :: Plucky in Love

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  1. Oh dear, don't let all of those things make you feel old! Think of how wonderful it must be to still not have experienced the best day of your life, the best year of your life and the best moment of your life. There's so so so much more!

  2. But the thing is... you'll have SO many wonderful, exciting, mind blowing new memories to look back on years from now once you move to California. And then you'll be all, "How did I ever live anywhere else?!"

  3. Man, is this post relatable or what?! I always start feeling nostalgic when I see old pictures (which is also why I don't do the whole Time Hop thing). I'm in this weird place where I don't have any friends in this city, so I'm constantly traveling on weekends to visit them. How on earth do you meet new people when you aren't in school?!