The Highlights

I want to post a lot of things, but I'm short on time. So, please know that Cyber Book Club last night was AWESOME. I seriously had so much fun chatting with you ladies! We discussed these questions from the back of the book, and then I found this article because I was totally geeking out after the discussion. Can't wait for next time around! Details coming soon. :)

Also, a Galtinburg getaway might be in the works for the beginning of April! Woo! Which will then be followed by a huge work event (the next week), a road trip to Nashville for a half marathon (weekend immediately following big event), then a bachelorette party (night of the race), and then a wedding (May!). Whew.

Running is still hard. It's still fuh-fuh-fuhREEzing outside. My car still needs suspension work, and is possibly developing an engine problem. This is life.

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  1. I am so beyond bummed that I missed the book club chat! We had just finished looking at a wedding venue then went out to eat with family. When I got home I was in a chocolate cake coma ha ha!

  2. I never received the email with instructions and I was all the sads to miss out. :( Maybe next month.

  3. So i thiiiiink I'm joining the next book club! Eleanor & Park looks adorable - heard you're a wonderful host!

  4. OOOh I wanted to do this so badly. Next time! Details... ? Coming soon I hope! ALL THE TRAVEL! :) Whoop. WE looooved Nashville. (for less than 48 hrs) :) Feeling like you, (but less brave) signed up to design invitations at a bridal fair in APRIL. eek. Need invites for anything? The design would be fo' free. Just printing costs, or you could print them. XO -Alexandra

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