Ranting and Raving

I want to get really worked up lately. That makes for better blogging, I feel. Like, I want to RANT about anti-vaccers* but also about rights and government regulation, but I get worn out just thinking about it. I want to RAVE about myfitnesspal's website because it's changing my world. The app keeps getting better, but I discovered the website this week and I dig it. I want to RANT about how some hacker now knows my glasses perscription, medical history, and oh yeah all of my personal information he or she needs to steal my identity, but that I'm supposed to be comforted because their president also got hacked. Yay? I want to RAVE about Where'd You Go, Bernadette but I won't yet because (1) I'm not quite finished with it and (2) book club is only a couple of weeks away. *no spoilers here* I want to RANT about everybody and their brother giving me unsolicited puppy training advice when we all know that I have a 55lb version of the most friendly, energetic, playful breed of dog on the planet and she's barely a year old so YES SHE JUMPS SOMETIMES & GETS REALLY EXCITED TO SEE OTHER DOGS but no, I'm not just letting her run wild with zero training and crossing my fingers that she doesn't eat your toddler's face. YOUR dog weighs 6 lbs and you just scoop him up in your arms when he's annoying other people. I'm a big woman, yes, but no sumo-wrestler, so you're just gonna have to patient like the rest of us. Okay... I guess I really did need to rant that out a bit. I want to RAVE about the #butyouwanttotalkaboutleggings movement on social media. I know people (cough Gen X-ers) get really annoyed with slacktivism and social media sharing as a show of support, but I dig this. Seriously. I want to RANT about the 7 mile run on the docket for tomorrow, but then I'll probably just start crying, so how about we listen to something instead?

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  1. I <3 Regina Spektor! :) I feel you. Like on all of this. But sub the cat for a dog. I really want to do your book club! But I am not sure I can start and finish reading this in time. I'm in the middle of a different one right now. Maybe next month? I dunno we'll see. Have a GREAT week. :) XO-Alexandra

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