#PluckyRuns Tunes

Confession: I am the LAZIEST when it comes to playlists. I always want to make them, but then I don't. However, seeing as I'm training for a half-marathon, great workout tunes are a must in my life right now. Naturally, I turn to Pandora for all of my playlist needs. In case you're also lazy but in need of motivational music, some plucky approved picks:

freshman dorm dance party FTW

-- Bang Bang Radio
hit or miss because, apparently, Iggy and Jason Mraz have a lot in common musically

-- E.T. Radio
all of those ridiculous anthems from college that you forgot existed

-- Don't Cha Radio

On a recent run, alternating between these stations, my running playlist had me laughing, lip-singing, dancing, rememberizing, and almost forgetting I was on a treadmill-o-death. Like, for real, I was audibly laughing remembering a few nights out on the town with some of my favorite gals, and the girl behind me on the elliptical may have considered my convulsions a minor seizure. I bet she was freaked, but I made it through the run so -- worth it.


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  1. I run with podcasts now, but I used to make massive playlists for running and I can't tell you how many times I had some sort of physical reaction — breaking out into a massive smile or actually laughing out loud — to a song that came up. Maybe I should be embarrassed? But whatever. ;)

  2. I am the same way -- I am always saying that I am going to make an epic playlist for working out but I never get around to it. I will have to check out those stations!!