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Hellooooooo, loved ones. It's time for Book Club Updates with your host, Plucky in Love. C'mon downnnn. Ahem. Who is loving Where'd You Go, Bernadette?! I finished it over the weekend and I can't wait to chat about it with all you lovely people! If you'd like to get updates about upcoming Book Club, just put in your info below! Please note: If you use Gmail, these messages might end up in your Promotions folder. I pretty much always blog about any book club updates so, if you see a post about it but didn't get the email, check there. If you're still unsure if you've signed up, do the darn thing here. :)

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Keep an eye your inbox, book clubbers. Hoping to send out technical information about how we're going to make this cyber sesh happen. Also, if you're in Indiana, be sure to stock up on the vino in advance as, sadly, you still can't purchase the devil's fire water on Sundays in these here parts. We're planning to "meet" on Sunday evening, February 22nd, 8p EST. Add it to your calendar by pressing this button: 
Wow, this post is getting really techie - forms and buttons and books, oh my! Basically, I WANT YOU WITH ME so I'm not enjoying a party of one on the internetz that evening which sounds creepy and like I could get into trouble, so I'm making this as easy as I possibly can for you to not be able to escape play along. Can't wait to discuss Balakrishna with youuuu. ♥♥♥♥

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