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Over the weekend, I bit the bullet and admitted a hard truth: my android device is running slow. As a supporter of all things notApple, this pains me to the core. How could this be?! But then, after a single Google search, I found my answer. My phone, like any PC, gets bogged down with caches and unnecessary downloads and way to much data storage. 5 ways to speed up your Android phone in under 5 minutes basically saved my weekend. That cache step? Yeah.... I haven't cleared every single cache on my phone - ever. Clearing the cache, deleting a couple of apps, getting rid of unnecessary shortcuts, and then restarting the thing (doesn't Restart solve all tech problems?), my phone is running like a dream! Okay, maybe not a dream. But apparently downloading the VSCO app was system-overload for my poor little Note II. Between Photogrid and BeFunky, I think my mobile photo editing needs are more than met. Bye bye, VSCO app. Hellooooooo, faster phone. Tell me your tips! 

UPDATE: ACTUALLY HALF WAY TO $500 FOR ST. JUDE! Ahh!!!! Here's hoping that 4 mile run last night makes up for the 7 mile run I skipped this weekend.... That's how it works, right? THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING THIS INCREDIBLE CAUSE.

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  1. uh hi thanks. i have an android that was driving me insane and i never thought about clearing my cache....