Heart of a Girl

It's practically Hearts Day already (minus the whole Don't-Let-A-Black-Cat-Cross-Your-Path thing we have going on today) and my heart overfloweth. Internally, I've been struggling a bit lately. Anxiety attacks have been on the rise and that often happens when something in life is happening and I come face-to-face with how little control I have over it. Not like that's a newsflash, but as the first born over-achiever I am, I need a reminder now and then. So, lots of growing pains on the inside but we're getting there. With my closest loved ones, friends and family, I've made a resolution to get together or truly connect once a month. Grabbing coffee or a sandwich, an actual phone call, a card or a letter - whatever it is, I want to be intentional about seeking out and showing my loves how loved they are. It's tough. Everyone is SO busy, myself included. And we're tired, really tired. And we all have our stuff going on, internally and at work/school/home. However, if I don't make a habit of prioritizing my time to share it with people who inspire me, lift me up, know all of my horrible secrets but love me anyway... If those relationships fall by the wayside, what else is there? Getting super philosophical here, but I promise to reign it in. It's a new skill we have to develop in adulthood, I think. We have to learn to make time for the people who breathe life back into us, even though it's a hassle, it's a long drive, it costs extra cash we don't have, or a million things need to be done at home. I have no set plans for Valentine's Day in particular, and I'll most likely spend it with my boo and the dog we brought home one year ago to the 2/14 day, but I hope to spend the rest of the month, and this year, and my life, celebrating all the different loves in my life. Thanks for hanging in.

UPDATE: Okay, actually getting in that 7 mile run this weekend. No ands, ifs, or buts about it. At my current pace, that should last about an hour and forty-five minutes. Any specific entertainment I should try? It's going to be a long one...

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  1. Hi there, thanks for stopping my little blog yesterday! :) It's so funny you say that about being more intentional and making time for loved ones because that's exactly what I have purposed to do this year too! When I was thinking about this year and my goals one of them was definitely to send more notes and "thinking of you" stuff in the mail and also to schedule time with friends and family members! You're so right that we are all busy and it can be hard to find time and money but it's SO worth it!!

  2. I'm trying to do the same thing too. It can be so easy to get caught up in whatever routine you have going on, and feel like the occasional text or Instagram "like" is sufficient to maintain a friendship. And it's so easy to say "let's get together soon" but I'm trying to be really intentional: "Let's get coffee Saturday afternoon" or "Are you free for dinner next Tuesday?" It makes such a difference. And making an effort to hold on to those relationships we cherish is so crucial as we get older and more likely to drift away from ourselves, in the rat race of our twenties.