Happy VD!!

Why did we ever stop doing teen magazine relationship quizzes??! I'll never know. In honor of this day of Grey Valentine's, I present to you a quiz. Thanks to Ms. Hazel for this once-in-a-time interview. Maybe, one day, I'll make the cover.... 

Sarah :: Plucky in Love

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  1. We are soul mates. Avery is my celebrity crush too!!! I haven't started season 11 yet; I wanted to get caught up over Christmas break but that never happened. I DID however hook all my roommates to Grey's during Finals week last semester, and they're almost done with the show now.

  2. Such great answers!! I couldn't agree more that you should never settle for a man, you always want to find a guy who makes you better and who you make better as well -- someone who compliments you. You kissed a shark for love? That's impressive!