Get With the Program

Oh, heyyyyy. Plucky, here. Getting YOU set up with Google Hangouts before Sunday. Eep! Cyber Book Club meets this coming Sunday at 8p EST (that's 5p for you, Mackensie G!). To hangout, we'll be using Google Hangouts. It's super easy and totally free. If you already use Gmail or have other Google accounts, just download it, login, and let's rock and roll.

Download Hangouts:
Google Play | iTunes App Store | For your computer

You don't have to use Google+ (from what I'm reading), but you likely will need a Gmail login to participate. If you're on the Book Club Email List*, you should have received instructions and details about the call in your inbox. Let me know if you didn't and we'll get you hooked up. :) I CAN'T WAIT! I really loved the book and I'm excited to discuss with y'all!

UPDATE: *You can sign up for the book club e-newsletter here!

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