And all that brass...

Last weekend, we did a thing. A very last minute thing. Here's how it all went down. For a couple of weeks, we've tossed it out there that Valentine's Day was coming up, but we've also blown our budget for dinner and entertainment this month, so we couldn't quite come up with a plan. However, Daisy DID really need a hair cut so I set that up for 3p on Saturday. Around 6p, James and I headed to Qdoba for dinner, then to Petco to get the dog, but she wasn't quite done yet. So we came straight home, purchased 2 symphony tickets for an hour later and let the chips fall. All in all, we got the dog home, drove back to the palladium, parked, found our tickets at will call, and were in our seats only 8 minutes after the show began. It was wonderful. I sat in that room, breathing in the air of all the shared experiences happening that night and felt very comfortable saying technology simply can't replace this satisfactorily. Also note, we were one of 3 couples under the age of 65 in the audience - so get out there and support the arts, my fellow millenials! The tix were $23. That's a movie ticket and a popcorn these days. The Carmel Symphony has several more shows this season. Who's in??

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  1. Oh yes! That is a perfect Valentine's date idea. I went to a symphony performance downtown last summer, but I had the added bonus that Cirque du Soleil was performing along with the music. I think that might be cheating, but I still consider that supporting the arts!

  2. That sounds wonderful! I would love to go see a performance one day :)