The Ralph and Daisy Show
or as I usually call it, My Life

What is it about our pets that just stop the heart right in its tracks? I can't tell if Daisy is annoyed or agreeing or just realizing that I'm even in the room in this little maneuver but it doesn't really matter. This dog -- apparently she makes the same parts of my brain light up as if I were looking at my own kid, or so science says. I don't know about all of that but when she throws up her food and then re-eats it or poops out an intact Q'doba receipt or knows what I mean when I say, "Go get your ball!" and comes back with a tennis ball in her chompers, well... I have to say, I like the little nugget. Can I also confess that I semi-regularly sob at that thought of a decade and a half from now when she's old and dying? Because that happens. A lot. Mostly last week when I was PMS-ing but it still counts.

Oh, and Ralph rocks too. But he'll live at least 25 more years so I don't cry so much when I think about his demise. It's only the thought of the mourning 10-13 years from now that chokes me up. Which is dumb because I'll share my bedroom, bathroom sink, and heart with this guy from mid-20s to mid-40s.... But I also know he uses his meow pitch to make it biologically impossible for me to sleep if he's whining for something, so maybe it's that that stems the tide of tears.

Anyway, I'm a crazy cat lady who is also obsessed with her dog. Can't be defined or tamed. No pigeon-holing for this gal. PS. PLEASE SHARE PHOTOS OF YOUR PETS WITH ME. If they have their own Instagram accounts, even better.

UPDATE: GUYS! I am HALF WAY to my fundraising goal for St. Jude! I can't even believe it! Thank you for the support and motivation. It was 3 miles yesterday and 6 miles are waiting for me tomorrow. This ish is getting really real! #PluckyRuns

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