Shiny and New and A New Curfew

Whoa-oh, it's Twenty Fifteen! Can't wait to see the new WordPress theme. Isn't that what you get excited for in the New Year? No? Weird. In any case, a couple weeks ago, I went on a cruise. It was fantastic. Sweating our butts off in Mexico on Christmas Eve, our wintery, dreary homestead seemed light years away. Spending that afternoon reflecting on the way people on the same planet can be experiencing such different versions of that same day... It was way existential. Also, maybe, Mexican happy-hour was involved. :)

I took it easy with resolutions this year. I figure maybe I'll set myself up for more success if I'm realistic about what I'd like to do differently in 2015? Or maybe I'm just getting too old to stretch my comfort-zone... Either way, feeling good about keeping my resolutions this year! 

Starting the work-week off properly, I'm following tips from Levo League's recent post, "How to Become a Morning Person." At approximately 9:30 pm, teeth shall be brushed, PJ's shall be donned, and tomorrow's outfit shall be laid out. Shoot, I might even get tomorrow's lunch together and set the automatic timer on the coffee pot. Can you say "Over Achiever?" Feeling cautiously optimistic that the alarm in the AM won't be quite as unwelcome as usual, even coming off the long break.

Oops! Already 9:25. Better get to it if there's any hope of success!  Signing off with a familiar and lovely lullaby before Lights Out!

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  1. If I don't fill my coffee pot and set the timer the night before, there's almost no chance of me making coffee in the morning without spilling either water or grounds everywhere. It's a god-send. Good luck with the transition! ;)