Popping in from Web Design Land to say "Hello!"

Revamped Slider Image for Web Design Client
I've officially been in business for a year and a half. That's just a little insane. SO many things are switching up this year. ...as soon as I find the time to make those changes, that is. In the mean time, one of my first clients, Happy Ever After Wedding Officiants, recently got a facelift and I'm pretty stoked about how the updates turned out! I particularly love this page and the little quiz in the sidebar on the homepage. I just have a blast with these ladies, and they've introduced me to a bunch of the folks, and before you ask, they had no idea I would be blogging about them today! 

Working hard on web design today. Pandora has asked me at least twice if I'm still listening and it's only noon! In case you're in the mood for some work tunes, my favorite "work" station is "I Won't Give Up." Lots of Ron Pope and Matchbox Twenty and Passenger and, of course, Jason Mraz. 

Happy Friday, folks!

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  1. I have a 'morning' playlist on Spotify that is a lot of the same type of music. :) Awesome about all of the web design! :) XO -Alexandra

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