Letting the Reading Games begin!

Alright, kittens! We've got a cyber book club selection for February's "meeting!" Drum roll, please. ....... Where'd You Go, Bernadette it is! If you've already expressed interest in the cyber book club, you should have received an email this morning that looked exactly like this. If you didn't see it, it could be in your Promotions tab (GMail). If you still don't see it, shoot me an email (sarah@pluckyinlove.com) with your email address so I can add you to the list or SUBSCRIBE HERE. Anyone and everyone is welcome to read along and join our cyber discussion in February. I'm working out the details of a Google Hangout-esque get-together so we can drink wine or hot tea or cocoa, discuss books, and hangout in the comfort of our very own homes. :) 

Happy reading!

Sarah :: Plucky in Love

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  1. i'm not gonna lie i totally don't understand how to sign up or whatever. but thats ok because i'm not really feeling this book - next time!

  2. This is sooo awesome! I really want to do it... perhaps next month, or sometime before... let's say August... I am working on just reading more in general. I find that the fewer pressures I put on myself the better. And yes I can make anything feel like pressure. Even when it's meant to be fun! XO -Alexandra

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