Let me tell you something about these legs.

These legs are not the skinniest or the smoothest or the most tan. They can barely walk in high heels and require the furthest back notch in most driver's seats to keep my knees from bumping my chin. These legs have nestled deep into woolen blankets in the Northern-most city in Ireland, stretched to see the shadows dancing around the pillars at Stonehenge, and powered through swim tests and uphill hikes during three summers' worth of camp counseling. These legs have started as Center in three national basketball tournaments and tip-tapped across the stage in one-too-many show choir competitions. These legs have crackle-pop knees and bluish-purple veins slowly covering the surface of their calves and ankle bones. These legs climbed every last stair at Blarney Castle and waded through powerful currents when the creek rose by the house where I grew up. They have crossed the stage as a graduate three times and danced so hard and for so long at Casba they were sore for two whole days. These legs are beginning to mean so much more to me than a slim-fitting pair of jeans. I am so grateful to these legs. This year,  these legs will stand up with one of my best friends at her wedding, they will take hundreds of walks with my favorite doodle, they will likely explore new cities (or even countries!) for the first time, and they will run a half marathon for St. Jude. At first glance, did you really see these legs and what they are made of? I'm finally starting to see it.

UPDATE: GUYS! Whoa! $240 have been generously donated to St. Jude by you lovely people and I can't thank you enough! I can't even believe it! These legs are gearing up for 6 miles sometime between today and tomorrow. Crazy town! #PluckyRuns

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  1. I really love this! And woahh! Awesome how close you are getting for your st. jude goal already! XO -Alexandra

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