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Oh, hi. Don't mind me. I just wanted to document this fun little project James and I started before the holidays. Okay, that we barely started before the holidays. Originally, we planned to save up for a cruise, but hey. When you get a Christmas bonus, you get a Christmas bonus. ...So we switched up our Saving goal to the King Size Bed we've been yearning for since 2012. Our total is a little low, but we're hoping to either (1) find it on sale or (2) pay a fraction of the cost "out of pocket" to make up the remaining balance. And not just any ol' mattress will do. James has his eye on a super firm one that's highly rated for people with a history of back pain. James doesn't have recurring back pain. I do. And he's just that sweet of a guy to make that a priority. Also, apparently, he doesn't find me quite as cute when I'm hobbling about, half-bent-over, and griping about the shape of my lowest vertebrae after a night of sleep on a cushy mattress. 

Call these NY Resolution workouts if you like, but gaining several pounds in ONE WEEK on the all-you-can-eat cruise line has us in a bit of a tizzy. There was some debate about our ability to find work clothes this morning after two weeks spent in lounge wear! So how does our little chart work, you ask? Well, each time we do a workout, we record the total number of minutes. Sunday - Thursday, every 10 minutes of exercise puts $1 in the pot. The real kicker (in my book) is the doubled amount on Friday and Saturday. We get to add $2.00 for every ten minutes on weekends. It's thrilling. Now that we've got a bit adding up, I'll stash the dough in a coffee can and watch the cash start piling up (ha!). 

James wants to introduce a "To the Death" element that subtracts $10 from our overall pot if we go a whole week without working out. Eep! This is a yet to be determined portion of our workout savings challenge. Time will tell... No matter how this all turns out, having a POC for working out is turning out to be one my essentials for motivation. Flying solo never turns out well. Making a commitment with other people helps because we motivate each other! #teamwork 

Interested in starting your own motivation tracker? I used this template originally and just modified it to meet our needs. You could use this to track reading minutes, volunteer hours, x number of time you __________ (whatever your resolutions may be!). Let me know if you need any help!

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  1. woah this is intensely awesome! KC and I have big budgeting goals for the year too. Though it is not quite this structured as of yet. But can I say... that the past few months we have definitely been rocking it frugal style. -which doesn't sound cool at all.. but having money for things you really want/need is indeed cool. #grownuptruth He made up this crazy detailed budget that if we follow allows us to save about $1K per month. Crazypants. That's a lot of travel.... or whatever responsible people would use it on. :) Good luck! XO -Alexandra

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