I, of the Pluck, signed up to run a half marathon. What is life?

OH MY GOSH. I signed up for a half marathon today. Ummmm, WHAT?! Not only that, I also committed to fundraising $500 for St. Jude. ...or else. i.e. If I fall short of my fundraising goal, the remaining balance comes out of MY account. Talk about your motivation. Sheesh.

Several of my favorite ladies are also planning to run that day. If you've hung around this blog for any length of time, you know running is 100% NOT my thing. I get four hours to complete 13.1 miles, though (which, in case you're wondering, is what I predicted to by my finish time on the registration form. just saying....). So, walking a bit will definitely be an option. 

If you're feeling generous, I'll let you know as soon as I do how you can support my (ONE AND ONLY) half marathon effort, but more importantly, how you can support St. Jude. Was one of your resolutions to be more generous this year? I'm here to help. :D

Otherwise, please don't mind the barrage of angsty running posts that are sure to come in the next 16 weeks. Ay caramba. Care to join me in this hell hole that is running regularly? Misery loves company, after all. Starting this training schedule ASAP. As in, see that first Tuesday run? 

Sarah :: Plucky in Love

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  1. yayyyy you go girl! you can totally do this!

  2. Good luck! That's awesome. You should totally track your progress with my & Tracy's training linkup the last Tuesday of every month. We're working on half marathon training for the spring too! I'm not quite a veteran but I've been running for over a year and did a half marathon not long ago, so don't hesitate to reach out if you want some advice!

  3. I just had a panic attack in your honor.

    I mean.


    You are my hero. I've been kicking around running a half as one of my "new year new goal" crap that I put myself through. But, I HATE RUNNING SO BAD. It's the worst. Ever.

    But you've kinda just motivated me. How are you training?

  4. SO PROUD!!! You're gonna love it and get obsessed and we'll laugh about how you used to hate running. ;)