“I must learn to be content with being happier than I deserve.” ― Jane Austen

There's A LOT going on right now, amIright? I always believe the myth in mid- November that "as soon as the holidays are over and we're less busy" is actually on the horizon. It's not. At least, not that I've noticed so far... In any case, we've got a big campaign coming up at my day job and it's going to ROCK the collective SOCKS of our community. I use so much brain power during the work day that when I get home, I basically have brain matter oozing out of my ears. Not an attractive picture, but to say my brain is tired is an understatement so you get weird analogies / visualizations, k? 

I did start looking into nerdy Valentine's Day presents for my beau, but the $2,900 robot might be a long shot. I finally splurged on a grown-up hair cut! Wait... women call them "cuts and styles" or something, right? Still working on that one. But I got a Groupon, so maybe I'm still just-this-side of adulthood? Now, to pick a hairstyle... Being a grown up is complicated. My glasses came! Hip hip hooray! One day, I'll take pictures in them. Maybe. Also, you already know this, but EMMA WATSON IS PLAYING BELLE and my heart is happy. Of course, I would have been my first choice, but she's a close second. A friend recently introduced me to the Skimm and I kind of love it. I really like knowing things, particularly relevant things, so naturally I'm loving #theSkimmLife. As the least talented person you know in the kitchen, I am beyond proud of my homemade crepe breakfast yesterday. Trust me, this recipe is so easy, even I could do it! Not to mention, delishhhhhh. Finally, if you're in the Hoosier state and you have a thing for Steampunk Cabaret, then boy, have I got news for you! A wonderful gal from ACC recently shared that Portal Openers: A Steampunk Cabaret at the Circle City Aerodrome is just a couple of weeks away and you should go! 

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  1. love that Austen quote ;) Oh my gosh a new beauty and the beast?! how exciting! yay emma watson!

  2. I am loving all of the live action Disney adaptations... or the idea of them! So excited for that! :) I am really trying to switch to grown up things, and being more responsible about mundane tasks. For example, opening up a safety deposit box and taking clothes to the dry cleaner rather than putting them in a pile on the floor... hah XO -Alexandra

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