I got a Kindle!! ...now what?

Over the holidays, I entered the 2000's by finally giving in to the e-reader. After packing no less than 3 novels on the cruise ship, I feel a portable option just makes more sense. Don't get me wrong. I still 100% prefer the real deal. I like pages and crinkling and the awkward reclining positions that keep one hand free to turn the page.... but this is a necessary evil. I hate getting stuck at the auto shop or dentist or whatever without a book in hand. Trolling instagram only has so much entertainment value, after all.

Super embarrassed to admit that I have no idea how to use this thing. I read the instructions. I followed the tutorial, but I'm still like, "Ummmm. duhhhh. Wha?" I'd like to stay in the cheap-to-free section of the reads for now, until I feel committed enough to actually purchase a Kindle edition of a book. Any recommendations?? Help me, please!

I have a Resolution to read one book per month this year, and I'm most of the way through the first one (but it's a real book. not a digi one.) and I'd love some direction as to how to get started with this little doohickey. 

PS. Leslie TORE IT UP with my St. Jude Hero campaign yesterday! She recruited a ton of folks to support me, the race, and (most importantly) the kids of St. Jude and IT WAS AWESOME! My phone was blowing up with notifications of gifts being made. THANK YOU SO MUCH for all of your help. It's making the training so much easier, being encouraged like that. Whew. So awesome. Check out the map now!

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  1. Kindles are the best. I've amassed an embarrassing amount of ebooks. I just can't turn them down when they're like $3.99! Plus, I loathe mass market paperbacks and a lot of the fantasy series I read are only in them- so I just buy them on the Kindle. I've heard great things about Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel, and I'm getting ready to start The Bone Clocks by David Mitchel.

  2. I LOVE my kindle. Like you - I will always prefer the real deal but you just can't beat the convenience of a kindle. I have a ridiculous amount of ebooks, I could email you some if you can think of any off the top of your head that you might want. and then I can tell you how to put them on your kindle, and then you really shouldn't need help after that - you turn it on, pick a book - voila!

  3. I don't have the Kindle but I do have the Nook with the Kindle app! One of my favorite things is that Amazon offers a TON of free books that are actually pretty good. I have downloaded over 100 free books and am slowly making my way through them. I have also purchased a handful of books via Kindle on there as well. I really enjoy that I don't have to bring an armload of books with me anywhere :)

  4. I have always wanted to try a Kindle. There is something about holding an actually book and flipping the pages..and oh, the smell of them (weird I know) that I just love. Maybe one day I will go to the kindle side. Let me know how you like it…I need to do more research!

  5. So awesome. :) I am not an e-reader kind of gal either. I do have the kindle app on my iphone/ipad which I have read part of one book on. That's as far as I go I think. I can certainly see the convenience though. Good luck! XO -Alexandra

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  6. I have a kindle fire and although I will always prefer the feeling of a real book, I couldn't live without my kindle. I love that I can read at night and have the light off;) Hope you love it. ALSO, most libraries have an ebook collection online, so I recommend checking with your local library. I just check out books on my kindle and get the good ones;) I recently wonder...have you read it? It was really good.