Cold toes, Warm hearts

Are you in the Polar Vortex right now?! It's FREEZING! Actually, way colder than freezing. I heard a news anchor say this morning that being outside for 10 minutes in these temperatures was long enough to get frost bite. It's apparently several degrees warmer in Alaska right now than it is in my city. What is life? At least the interwebs are making the best of it!

Like this panda enjoying her first snow day:

Also, CNN collected "It's so cold...." jokes. So did The New York Times.
Some places are offering free stuff for the cold, like aquariums and coffee shops.
And for those who have resolutions to keep, some winter workout tips.
And, of course, my little nugget having the blasty-est of blasts. :)

I know it's cold out there, but keep your chin up! Rather, keep your chin down, tucked in a warm scarf, and it will pass! In the mean time, let's see adorable or heartwarming links, please!

Sarah :: Plucky in Love

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  1. Just reading this post gave me the chills, brr! Hope it warms up for you soon!

  2. It's 61 degrees here... just saying! #movetosf

  3. At least you have snow. It's just plain freezing here. I love winter... but without the snow... it's really not much fun. Especially after Christmas. Lucky. :) XO -Alexandra

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