On Repeat :: 1989 ♫

Confession: I was not so sure about this latest T. Swift edition at first. It's just so....not the same. But then the lyrics are still pretty whimsical and totally Taylor (minus "Shake It Off." Where the heck did that song come from?? That one still hasn't grown on me. Sorry, team), and she's still the most adorable thing. And even better, now she drinks beer and curses and is happily single and I just love her even more. I mean, I don't love that this is what she looks like AFTER the gym, but otherwise. I think our cats would be friends.* During the first listening party of 1989, I found my favorite and I think it's still #1 in my book!


*Our ACTUAL cats. Don't be gross. #dirty :)

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  1. I loved Red sooo much. It just had this great vibe to it... but this one isn't bad. I am a little tired of it because it has been in our car... forever.. so I am breaking for Christmas music. :) My favorites are probably #9 #12 #16. :) XO -Alexandra

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