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You know those NPR listening snobs that grind your gears? They are always holding a cup of coffee and updating you on this hyper-intelligent new thing you should know about it. You know the ones? Oh wait. IT'S ME. Despite my long-standing mockery of all things NPR, I'm 100% hooked on a podcast and I don't care who knows it.

You may have heard of it. It's kind of taking over the internet, but humor me please. I'm too obsessed to NOT blog about it. Okay. So it's a podcast narrated by a reporter who is digging into a 1999 murder case in Maryland. The major players were all teenagers when all this went down, and one of them never served a day of time, the other has been sentenced to life in prison, and both claim they're totally innocent.

The narrative takes us on a winding, detailed trip down pre-2K lane when cellphones weren't the main source of communication, people actually made plans before they left the house, people were still using AOL to check their email. It's a crazy time-warp. It's a confusing story. It's an emotional battle as you get drawn into these "characters" who are real people, living in real time, and can't seem to figure out how one of them doesn't scream MONSTER. KILLER. THAT'S THE GUY. Can killers really be mostly normal people sometimes? Is there something different about them? Or do we all have a little bit of it inside us? These are my own questions that, as far as I can tell, aren't even being addressed in the myriad of Q&A's in the podcast.

So, do yourself a favor. Chunk out 7 hours of time over Thanksgiving weekend and binge on this "show." Then, spiral into the world of Reddit to hear about alternate theories, supposed "facts" that are just now coming out, and generally immerse yourself in this complex story of humanity, justice, and murder. Then, since your eyes will be tired but you'll want MORE, listen to Slate's Spoiler Special to hear other people digest all the things now swirling around inside your head. PS. It is NOT scary. They don't use spine-tingling soundtracks or spooky settings. They just tell the story, and tell it well, so you're totally sucked in.

Happy listening to you, piquettes!

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  1. That sounds really interesting! To be honest, I have never listened to a podcast and am not really sure what NPR is ha ha :D

  2. woah... sounds intense. recently there hasn't been any time for me to listen to anything at work... maybe the upcoming future. Because let's be honest.. at home I'm pretty much snuggled up with my man and my cat... watching Boy Meets World and Buffy. XO-Alexandra

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