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So who loves a good budget discussion? Not you? Well, that's too bad. Because that's on everyone's lips in this household. Budgeting is one of those things you either learned how to do or you didn't. And there's a steep learning curve. We've been sharing finances since we moved in together a little over a year ago, so you'll see lots of "we" and "our" in this discussion, but hey. That's life, right?

Anyway. Just in case you haven't budgeted before and would like a place to start... or maybe you're really, really good at it and have a few tips, this was our process.

Last weekend, we sat down with a Googe Doc spreadsheet and broke out our budget. We added up our monthly income first and foremost and thought, "Whoa! We make so much money!!" But that was short lived. Bills & Utilities are roughly equivalent to 50% of our income. Car payments and insurance. Rent. Student loan payments. etc. etc. So that's a big O chunk of change. Once we established those fixed monthly expenses (i.e. happening every month and roughly the same amount, give or take a few doll hairs), we moved onto the rest of our spending.

This is where all of the fun "discussing" took place. There's no debate about paying the Netflix fee each month, right? But whether $100 goes toward savings, vacation fund, paying off a loan, or monthly surprise costs? Well, that's a beast of a decision. ...and that was just one of many. We reached the nice round number of about 20% of our income going right back into savings.

And the rest? How much do we spend on fun or payments?? After much debate, we decided to take the easy way out (?). Basically, we could starve ourselves and never go on vacation again, and pay off all loans in the next decade. ORRRRRR we can pay enough to ensure we're not adding to the principle and then go on vacation and buy a few expensive things and enjoy our lives before all of that joy gets sucked out by our spawn. ...I mean. What? Let me rephrase that. We have the ability to pick up and move or travel to Europe multiple times a year or drink only the spiffiest of liquors, but in 10 years or so, ALL of that freedom will be gone in exchange for the miracle of life. So, hooray for future children and mondo amounts of responsibility. Is this making any sense?

We don't want to be in more debt than we are now on existing loans in a decade. However, the ability to spend our moneys selfishly and just for the joy of it will also be gone in a decade. So... easy way? I'll let you decide.

Whew. Okay. That about covers it. We're in Week 2 now, and so far so good! Basically, the consensus is mo' money, mo' problems that you can afford to fix.

Any budgeting tips?!

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  1. We are pretty bad with budgeting. We pay our bills, we buy groceries and we do fun things. Everything else gets saved. I just need to start doing something like this.

  2. haha this is great. the struggle is real my friend. We keep wondering where it all goes... (I spend it shopping, he spends it out to eat).... ;) All in all we do ok. We've been doing better and majorly crunched before our trip, but now we are hoping to better continually too... we'll see. :) But we both know that we need to do better (read: start!) saving... because we just don't... unless it is designated to spend on something (usually fun). Good luck! XO-Alexandra
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