This weekend. Whoa! We finally FINALLY got to dress up as Sam and Suzy from Moonrise Kingdom and it. was. awesome. Costume essentials:

Pink dress - $10 on Amazon
White, button-up shirt - $4 @ Goodwill
Basic white tennies - $4 @ Walmart
   (prettied up with Sharpie to look like Saddle Shoes)
Men's Scout Shirt - $4 @ Goodwill
Already on hand - Coon-skin cap (don't ask), fake flowers, binoculars. 

Now, throw in all the awkward adolescence you can muster and you've nailed this look. Annual Halloween ritual of attending the best party in Cincy included puppies in costumes, adult bevvies, black lights and bonfires, a peg leg pirate (for real! That's a guy making the best out of a crummy situation and I give him mad props!)... It's too soon. I can't really rehash it all right now as my stomach is still queasy. Maybe that's because our "hangover cure" on the way home included a Whopper stop at Burger King, then a trek across the parking lot to Arby's, and finally a short stint in the White Castle drive through because WHY DOESN'T ARBY'S SERVE COKE PRODUCTS? Sunday was spent in piles of blankets, with a Criminal Minds marathon, and absolutely no bright lights or loud noises. Practically perfect, wouldn't you say? :) 

More Halloween fun coming up next weekend! I hope my organs have recouped by then... But for now, back to the grind. Happy Monday, folks! 


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  1. This is cute. :) I'm glad you guys had fun! KC and I dressed up like Natasha and Boris from Rocky and Bullwinkle for our black and white party. Not sure if that is what we will be Friday or not. Time will tell I suppose. :) XO-Alexandra

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  2. aww what cute costumes though I will say I don't get the reference, I'm sorry!! My sunday was very similar, burger king had me covered.