what's left to wonder about?

Don't get me wrong. I love technology. I love selfies and Instagramming those rare occasions my food looks like art. I love clever tweets and viral videos. I'm a millennial, what I can say? It's a part of the way I know how to communicate.

But lately I've been missing some things. I thought maybe it was just me, getting older or being busy but now I'm not so sure. Can we talk about reading for a second? I LOVE to read. Absolutely love it. In the last few years, however, it's harder and harder to make myself want to do it. Why? That doesn't make sense, right? To have to force yourself to do something you love? But you can't tweet or instagram or text while you're reading. Not if you're really into it. You can't be "connected" to anyone or anything other than the words on the page. And I'm starting to think my training that all texts are urgent and all phone calls could be emergencies and all YouTube videos must be watched and all status updates must be liked is interfering with the things I actually love.

I'm not so hardcore as to suggest giving up technology. And I love having pictures of little moments. My mom always had an instant camera in her hand when I was growing up. Christmas. Vacation. Road trips. All were photo-worthy. I believe they still are. But sushi on a Wednesday? Really? What am I thinking? If I give everything away -- literally, every little detail and feeling and thought -- what's left to wonder about, eh? By over-sharing, we are taking away a very critical piece of our friends' lives: the ability to wonder. I'm curious as to how this could manifest itself in day-to-day life... Let's start by letting them wonder a bit more, shall we? :)

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  1. so true. i am trying to enjoy more and take less photos of things that don't matter - like you said, sushi on wednesday? yeah, no. just enjoy the damn sushi ;) lol.