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In about 2 weeks, I get to display my wares and meet a ton of new small business folks in my area at the INdiana Small Business Expo. What?! So I've been prepping like mad. Yeah, I ordered polos. Because.... I'm LEGIT, yo! I also drafted a handy-dandy social media guide that I'll share with you at some point, but for now will remain a secret available only to those who attend the expo. ;)

Booth Supplies:
1 Tall Banner
1 Long Table
1 Round Fish Bowl for business card collecting
1 Clipboard for Newsletter Sign Up
1 bazillion business cards
Tons of Social Media Planning Guide prints
A tablet or two to show off some of my work

Next time you're at a job or volunteer fair, maybe high five those folks working the booths. It's a lot of work! As you can see, I'm getting really excited! Can't wait!!

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