the one about last call, thumb wrestling, and that guy I know

This time of year is special for lots of reason. Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Comfy sweaters and socks make a comeback. Halloween is on the horizon. Annnnnddddddd we remember that time two years ago when I met that cute science teacher in a bar. :)
To give you some idea of the night we met, these are the pre-pictures. Monica and I were somewhere in Broad Ripple challenging bartenders and strangers to thumb wrestling matches. Low and behold, the bartender actually had a set of "thumbs." Little slip-on dudettes you wear while thumb wrestling. It was HILARIOUS. But anyway. That's where we started. We were at our ending place by the time I met Bill Nye the Science Guy. He walked right up to me on the dance floor and Monica assumed we all knew each other, but actually I had seen him outside (or so he says...) and hollered, "I like your beard!" So, you know, I was clearly on my A-game.
--It's last call. 
--I've already been thumb wrestling for hours. 
--I'm quoting Ke$ha at random strangers.
As I said, he knew exactly what he was getting into.

We texted for a bit, finally went on a date a week or so later, and then carved pumpkins at Monica's "All Things Fall" cookout. It was a blasty. That was also the night we took our first selfie.* The number of retakes he agreed to was a good sign. I think we tried for 10 minutes to get a decent picture, and he started messing around with light and filters and the photoshop app on his phone and... well, the rest is history.

.And in case you ever wonder, or in case he ever gripes about me which never happens 'cause I'm awesome, I'd just like to point out ONCE AND FOR ALL that he's getting everything he asked for. Take a deep breathe, single blog friends. It took him a while to admit, but he finally did share that from the time we met on a Friday night to the time he texted me that Sunday, HE READ MY ENTIRE BLOG. Yeaaaaaaaah. Sorry not sorry, buddy. He knew Fortunately, I found that cute and not creepy.... kind of.

Like I said, this is a special time of year for many reasons, not the least of which is it marks the beginning of this beautiful friendship. He travels a lot with me and brought home a Fall Harvest Yankee Candle as a first-date-aversary gift, so I'm good. I surprise him with beer pong singles matches on Tuesday nights, so I'm pretty sure he's good (fairly certain the phrase "best girlfriend ever" was uttered recently, though there was beer pong involved, so I can't be sure). 

Got a great dating story, for better or worse? Spill, girl!

*This is a milestone, right? No? QUIT JUDGING, YOU JUDGER.

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  1. this is too cute! also a first selfie is definitely a milestone, a big one if you ask me!

  2. awwww you guys are so cute! the first selfie is adorable, wish i had documented that lol

  3. oh lord, this is the cutest. make it stop ;) but don't really ever let it stop. ALSO I LOVE THE NEW DESIGN

  4. First of all, HOLY SHIT IT'S BEEN TWO YEARS?!??? We have been friends for a long time, lady. It's about freakin time we planned a vacay together. Also, you two are so adorable. I love Bill Nye. I totally remember getting the deets on that night two years ago. So sweet. My turn?!

  5. you two.. :) Adorable. Kyle and I literally started talking because I was doing my polyatomic flash cards in high school.. everyone kept joking that we had chemistry. true story. Its been 7 1/2 years.... so I guess we did... haha! :) Happy anniversary! & Bill Nye is the greatest. XO

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