shake and bake. errr, slow-cook.

It's official. I'm domesticated. You know how I know? the cute apartment  the puppy classes with my boo thang  the dirty socks that aren't my own that I dig out of the couch  I'm in love with my crock pot. 

I only bought it about a month ago. Finally used it last week and OH MY GOSH. Basically, I stuck a frozen chicken in the thing with a cup of wine and some spices and SHAZAM. I came home to the most mouth-watering aroma of all time. Holy cow. It was delicious. But who eats whole chicken in one sitting?? So the leftovers were just chilling in the fridge for a day or two and finally I was like, "We are NOT wasting most of a chicken." And like the domestic goddess that I recently discovered I am, I poured some chicken broth, bullion, noodles, and chicken pieces into a pot and let it simmer for 20 minutes. BOOM. Another delicious meal. Two in one week??! I can't even. 

You are looking at the girl who leaves the cardboard on the bottom of the pizza when she puts it in the oven. I mean, I am bad at the whole "cooking" thing... BAD. But this week? I feel like such a grown up. A bona fide add-dult. And today? Well, I threw some beans and diced tomatoes and browned ground chuck into the mechanism of the gods crock pot and I now can't wait to get home and eat it.

Also, my old roomie is coming to dinner tonight!! Eep! So excited to see Jas and catch up on the haps. Needless to say, this whole day will be spent in eager anticipation of going home and eating dinner. #PerUsual

What do you have cookin', good lookin'?

Sarah :: Plucky in Love

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  1. This is great! I used to do crockpot meals once a week because KC and I both had night classes. Though using our 'crock pot' cookbook most of them made HUGE servings (like more than the book said) and weren't very good. Share yours???! Would love to use it.. but have been seriously bummed about most of the results with my recipes. THANK YOU!! XO -Alexandra

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    1. I definitely will! I just looked up the chicken one in on We'll see how the chili today turns out. If I stumble across something magnificent, I'll definitely let you know!!

  2. I need one of these magical machines.

  3. bhahaha, love this. "i leave cardboard on the bottom of pizza"

    we must cook alike. thank God my husband has the skills or i might eat the same thing everyday.