On Repeat :: Broadripple is Burning

Do you ever hear a song and just want to crawl in between the lines and live there for a while? Just fully immerse yourself in the melody and the lyrics and all the things it makes you feel? The way, just listening to it, you're suddenly sitting on a big, comfy couch in flannel and fuzzy socks, and it's a cabin in the mountains, and you are sleepy and warm and content while outside it's a bit grey and definitely chilly. That's this song. And I can't stop living it today. Just.... so much. I'd forgotten it existed until one of my favorite gals texted me earlier this week and was like, "Remember how good this song is?" And I did remember. And now, I hope you'll remember and come away to this cozy cabin with me for a few. :)

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  1. Going to play this now! It sounds lovely! :) I'm feeling that way about two albums from my HS days right now. Winning Days by The Vines and Like Vines by The Hush Sound. It's so fun, reminds me of the good times back then, not the dramatic ones. :) Thanks for the new music recommendation! XO-Alexandra

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